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Friday, December 14, 2007

Tong Shu - Auspicious date selection in Chinese astrology

The 28 Lunar Mansions

The Tong Shu is a calendar based on the Twenty-Eight Constellations or "Mansions" of Chinese Astrology. It shows the most auspicious and warns against the least auspicious dates for a number of important lifetime events. You can determine the best date (and avoid the worst date) for a marriage, a funeral, the start of an important project, and many other things. This post tells you where (at the time of posting) to find a current Tong Shu calendar for the current month online and free, and also contains instructions on how you can calculate the auspices for any date yourself.

Tong Shu online

http://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/teachyourselffengshui.htm look for "Almanac (Month)" for the month you want to look at and follow the links. i.e. look for "Almanac December" for the month of December.

The following instructional post is from:

http://www.egroups.com/message/chineseastrology/308 [Egroups is long defunct. This email list was operating as the "chineseastrology" Yahoo!Group the last I heard. Any comments added by me are found between [ ] throughout the document. I have updated the chart of years and added a complete table of the serial numbers of the days of the year. Also, symbolic animals, planets, and other items have been added for each of the 28 days.]

Date: Wed Jun 10, 1998 6:03am
Subject: T'ong Shu workings.

Howdy All,

This post is for those of you who have not come across a copy of the T'ong Shu yet.

It provides you with the details of how to work it out for yourselves, complete with basic interpretations.

It was copied from de Kermadeks book "Four Pillars of Destiny" [The Way to Chinese Astrology: the Four Pillars of Destiny by Jean-Michel Huon de Kermadec, 1983, ISBN 0041330102; translated by N. Derek Poulsen]

Enjoy ! ;-)

John Mausolf

[At the time of the original posting in 1998, John was a feng shui practitioner in Australia.]

Step 1. Find the serial number for the day. e.g. June 6th has a serial number of 157

This is based on the Western calendar. [Jan 1st = 1; Dec 31st = 365, or 366 in a Leap Year.]

[The chart of dates and serial numbers of first halves of months has been expanded into a table showing first and second halves of months with corresponding serial numbers.]




March *


1 to 16

1 to 16

1 to 16

Serial #

1 to 16

32 to 47

60 to 75


17 to 31

17 to 28

17 to 31

Serial #

17 to 31

48 to 59

76 to 90


April *

May *

June *


1 to 16

1 to 16

1 to 16

Serial #

91 to 106

121 to 136

152 to 167


17 to 30

17 to 31

17 to 30

Serial #

107 to 120

137 to 151

168 to 181


July *

August *



1 to 16

1 to 16

1 to 16

Serial #

182 to 197

213 to 228

244 to 259


17 to 31

17 to 31

17 to 30

Serial #

198 to 212

229 to 243

260 to 273


October *




1 to 16

1 to 16

1 to 16

Serial #

274 to 289

305 to 320

335 to 350


17 to 31

17 to 30

17 to 31

Serial #

290 to 304

321 to 334

351 to 365

* In a leap year, don't forget to add 1 to every date and serial number starting from 1 March.

Leap years are underlined in the following chart. [Not as I received it.]

Step 2. Add the day serial number to the right hand number in the following chart for the appropriate year.

This table is only to be used for the 28 constellations. [The chart in the original post covered the years 1898 to 2009. I have updated and replaced it with a chart that covers 1924 to 2050. Every year immediately above an xxxx is a Leap Year; i.e. 1924, 1928, 2032, 2036 are Leap Years.]

For the year ……………………. Add:

xxxx 1943 1965 1988 2010 xxxx 1
xxxx 1944 1966 xxxx 2011 2033 2
xxxx xxxx 1967 1989 2012 2034 3
xxxx 1945 1968 1990 xxxx 2035 4
1924 1946 xxxx 1991 2013 2036 5
xxxx 1947 1969 1992 2014 xxxx 6
1925 1948 1970 xxxx 2015 2037 7
1926 xxxx 1971 1993 2016 2038 8
1927 1949 1972 1994 xxxx 2039 9
1928 1950 xxxx 1995 2017 2040 10
xxxx 1951 1973 1996 2018 xxxx 11
1929 1952 1974 xxxx 2019 2041 12
1930 xxxx 1975 1997 2020 2042 13
1931 1953 1976 1998 xxxx 2043 14
1932 1954 xxxx 1999 2021 2044 15
xxxx 1955 1977 2000 2022 xxxx 16
1933 1956 1978 xxxx 2023 2045 17
1934 xxxx 1979 2001 2024 2046 18
1935 1957 1980 2002 xxxx 2047 19
1936 1958 xxxx 2003 2025 2048 20
xxxx 1959 1981 2004 2026 xxxx 21
1937 1960 1982 xxxx 2027 2049 22
1938 xxxx 1983 2005 2028 2050 23
1939 1961 1984 2006 xxxx xxxx 24
1940 1962 xxxx 2007 2029 xxxx 25
xxxx 1963 1985 2008 2030 xxxx 26
1941 1964 1986 xxxx 2031 xxxx 27
1942 xxxx 1987 2009 2032 xxxx 28

Step 3. Add the day serial number to the number in the right hand column for the year.

e.g. 157 (June 6th) + 14 (1998) = 171

Step 4. Divide the sum of the two numbers by 28 and the remainder will be the number of the constellation.

e.g. 171 divided by 28 equals 6 (168) with a remainder of 3.

So giving us the third constellation on this day June 6th 1998. Wasn't so hard was it? ;-)

[I have verified that the calculations hold true for the year 2000 and beyond.]

The daily predictions of the 28 constellations.

[Some personal comments by the original poster have been removed. Additional information on symbolic animal, planets, and other items in italics added to each daily prediction are from The Complete Astrological Handbook for the Twenty-First Century by Anistatia R Miller and Jared M. Brown, Schocken Books, NY 1999, ISBN 0805210865]

1. The Horn Thursday Auspicious
To whomsoever builds on this day, this constellation will bring glory and prosperity, and men of letters will be able to approach near to the throne of the Emperor.
Marriages on this day will result in numerous posterity.
But to repair a tomb or go to a funeral may provoke a new grief.
Symbolic animal – crocodile.
Associated with the Wood planet (Jupiter) and with favorable winds and rains, as well as agriculture and horticulture. Ideal day to buy land.
Presides over marriage, birth, and growth.

2. The Neck Friday Inauspicious
Do not build on this day; let the eldest not take the succession; let nothing be undertaken for in the ten following days a disaster will occur.
Funerals and marriages will cause untimely death and will risk leaving widows in the house.
Symbolic animal – dragon.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury), weather extremes, and the chemical industry.
Presides over judgments and punishments.

3. The Root Saturday Inauspicious
To build on this day will be inauspicious enough, and the celebration of marriages will bring endless calamities.
Journeys by boat will be shipwrecked.
Funerals will cause the impoverishment of descendants.
Symbolic animal – badger.
Associated with the Earth planet (Saturn), and strong rains and winds, as well as the aviation and patent-medicine industries.
Presides over proper actions.

4. The Chamber Sunday Auspicious
To build today assures wealth and abundant prosperity.
Spirits of Happiness, of Longevity, of Honour, of Riches and of Glory hasten to meet you.

If funerals are celebrated today, officials will be promoted three ranks.
Symbolic animal – hare or rabbit.
Associated with Sun, heat, and interior decorators.
Presides over building interiors.

5. The Heart Monday Inauspicious
To build today will be most inauspicious and everything will lead to ruin sooner or later.
Similarly burials and marriages will be seen to be disastrous and will assure three years of repeated calamities.
Symbolic animal – fox.
Associated with Moon and heads of state.
Presides over imperial power.

6. The Tail Tuesday Auspicious
To build today is to be assured of blessings and a numerous progeny.
To undertake any business matter or to flood a paddy field will assure prosperity to descendants.
Funerals and marriages will lead to the ennoblement of the family and the obtaining of posts in the Capital.
Symbolic animal – tiger.
Associated with the Fire planet (Mars) and the heir apparent of a family.
Presides over boats, dams, legacies, mothers, and children.

7. The Basket Wednesday Auspicious
To build today gives an assurance of power, and the beginning of any enterprise will assure the family the greatest good fortune.
Marriages and the repairing of tombs will be beneficent; coffers will overflow with gold and silver and the granaries with grain.
Symbolic animal – leopard.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury) and prosperity in general.
Presides over new projects and burials.

8. The Ladle Thursday Auspicious
To build today assures a supreme abundance of wealth.
To put a tomb in order or to celebrate a funeral will assure descendants of prosperity.
To open an establishment or to flood a paddy field will assure the multiplication of livestock.
A marriage will be guaranteed happiness upon happiness.
Symbolic animal – unicorn.
Associated with the Wood planet (Jupiter), rains and floods, rewards, and businesses that involve oil or wine.
Presides over building and digging.

9. The Buffalo Friday Inauspicious
To build today will assure nothing but danger and calamities.
Paddy fields and silkworms will bring no profit to the unhappy master.
A marriage or the opening of a business will behold a sea of troubles, and livestock will suffer from it.
Symbolic animal – buffalo.
Associated with the Metal planet (Venus) and the real-estate business.
Presides over roads, paths, and land.

10. The Woman Saturday Inauspicious
To build today will be very damaging to the charm of pretty women and make brothers quarrel among themselves like wolves and tigers.
Burials and marriages will cause luck to disappear and oblige the family to emigrate.
Symbolic animal – bat.
Associated with the Earth planet (Saturn) and the weaving industry.
Presides over property and dowry.

11. The Void Sunday Inauspicious
To build today will be calamitous.
Boys and girls will sleep uncherished.
A wind of debauchery will blow through the family from a lack of rites; and the wives of sons and grandsons will sleep in other beds.
Symbolic animal – rat.
Associated with the Sun, rains, and cold, undertakers, and frozen foods.
Presides over cemeteries.

12. The Roof Monday Inauspicious
Today nothing large should be built, and burial or the repairing of tombs will provoke effusions of blood.
To open a business or to irrigate a paddy field will cause continual unhappiness and law suits.
Symbolic animal – swallow.
Associated with the Moon and the building industry.
Presides over fortification.

13. The House Tuesday Auspicious
To build today will bring an increase in land and livestock.
Sons and grandsons will enjoy glorious careers.
All enterprises will bring riches and prosperity in the dwelling.
Marriages and funerals will take away care for ever.
Symbolic animal – pig.
Associated with the Fire planet (Mars) and religious orders.
Presides over physical work in general.

14. The Wall Wednesday Auspicious
To build today will bring great prosperity; marriages will bring only peace and joy.
Funerals will assure wealth and prosperous descendants.
To start an enterprise or to irrigate a paddy field will assure progeny.
Symbolic animal – porcupine.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury), literature, and the arts.
Presides over marriages and expansions.

15. The Legs Thursday Inauspicious
To build today will be very auspicious, Harmony and Prosperity will blow through the door of the family home.
But a burial today will produce a mysterious death, and to do business or flood a paddy field will only attract calamities.
Symbolic animal – wolf.
Associated with the Wood planet (Jupiter), cold weather, textiles, and shoes.
Presides over clothing, canals, and armaments.

16. The Tie Friday Auspicious
To build columns today is equivalent to building up to the gate of Heaven; the family will see its riches increase and everything will prosper.
Today's marriages will be fruitful, and descendants will gain honours and social promotion.
Symbolic animal – dog.
Associated with the Metal planet (Venus), wt and mildly cool weather, and the pharmacy business.
Presides over symphonic music and festivities.

17. The Stomach Saturday Auspicious
To whomsoever builds this day everything comes like a wind blowing riches and precious glory,
and innumerable joys will be theirs.
Funerals will assure social promotion and marriages will see the flourishing of complete harmony.
Symbolic animal – pheasant.
Associated with the Earth planet (Saturn), floods, and the banking industry.
Presides over marriages, burials, investments, and earthworks.

18. The Lights Sunday Inauspicious
To build today would be like letting a buffalo into the paddy field.
Funerals will bring incessant worry.
To begin anything will surely lead to calamities, and marriages will only engender misery.
Symbolic animal – rooster.
Associated with the Sun and the legal profession.
Presides over judgments.

19. The Thread Monday Auspicious
Light will shine on him who builds.
Paddy growing and worm breeding will know years of abundance.
Luck and blessings will flow to your door.
Marriages and funerals will procure a doubled longevity.
Symbolic animal – crow.
Associated with the Moon, rains, and the military.
Presides over marriages and hunting.

20. The Turtle Tuesday Inauspicious
To build today will invite a lawsuit.
Celebrate a funeral and before long the house will collapse; at least three deaths will follow, and reserves of provisions will dwindle away.
Symbolic animal – monkey.
Associated with the Fire planet (Mars) and animal breeding.
Presides over flocks and herds as well as the afflicted.

21. The Three Associates Wednesday Auspicious
To build today will bring ample prosperity.
The star of the lettered person will bring light.
Irrigation of the paddy field and business will be under happy auspices.
But funerals and marriages will shatter the family.
Symbolic animal – gibbon.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury) and authorship.
Presides over labor.

22. The Well Thursday Auspicious
To build today will bring prosperity to paddy fields and silkworm breeding.
The family name will be the first on the golden list.
In the case of funerals, take extra care if the deceased has died a violent death.
Every enterprise will bring money and numerous inheritors.
Symbolic animal – tapir.
Associated with the Water planet (Mercury), rains, the civil service, and veterinary surgery.
Presides over widows and examinations.

23. The Spirit Friday Inauspicious
Under this inauspicious star, building will cause disappearances and the threshold will no longer have a master.
The celebration of funerals will procure advancement but a marriage will see a woman lonely in the nuptial chamber.
Symbolic animal – goat.
Associated with the Metal planet (Venus).
Presides over respect for the dead.

24. The Willow Saturday Inauspicious
To build today will lead to trouble in the courts; and disasters and thieves will put the house in danger.
Funerals and marriages will be the prelude to a series of miseries.
Symbolic animal – buck.
Associated with the Earth planet (Saturn).
(No "presides over" listed)

25. The Star Sunday Inauspicious
This day is good for building houses, and prosperity and advancement will lead to the feet of the Emperor.
But to celebrate a funeral or to proceed with irrigation will cause the wife to abandon her hearth and look for another man.
Symbolic animal – horse.
Associated with the Sun, heat, and the garment business.
Presides over bridges and dyestuffs.

26. The Fishing Net Monday Auspicious
On this day if a pavilion is built all descendants who are officials will approach the Emperor.
To celebrate funerals and to flood the paddy fields will attract money and riches.
Marriages will be the cause of unending harmony and happiness.
Symbolic animal – stag.
Associated with the Moon, and the business of the theater.
Presides over festivities and entertainment.

27. The Wings Tuesday Inauspicious
Construction of a high building should be avoided, for this will cause the death of successive masters of the house.
Marriages and funerals will not bring prosperity.
Young girls will run after boys away from home.
Symbolic animal – snake.
Associated with Fire planet (Mars) and politics.
Presides over ceremonial rites.

28. The Chariot Wednesday Auspicious
To build under these auspices will attract promotion.
A marriage will receive the Emperor's blessing.
To celebrate funerals will make bright the star of the lettered person.
Prosperity will equal a cairn of gold and a mountain of jade.
Symbolic animal – earthworm.

Associated with the Water planet (Mercury) and wind and storms.
Presides over travel, speed, marriage, digging, and construction.


mamaT said...

WHat about for the date 9/09/09 . I get no remainder from 280/28.

Phoenix said...

Hi mamaT,

I think this is the first time someone has used this method without getting a remainder!

If there is no remainder, use day #28. Good luck with your endeavor!

28. The Chariot Wednesday Auspicious

To build under these auspices will attract promotion.

A marriage will receive the Emperor's blessing.

To celebrate funerals will make bright the star of the lettered person.

Prosperity will equal a cairn of gold and a mountain of jade.

Symbolic animal – earthworm.

Associated with the Water planet (Mercury) and wind and storms.

Presides over travel, speed, marriage, digging, and construction.

Cherry said...

If I choose 7th May 2011, the remainder is 17... the 17th constellation is a good one... so does that mean 7th May 2011 is a good day? Is that how to read it?

Thanks. =)

Phoenix said...

Hi Cherry,

If you have an auspicious day but marriage is not specifically mentioned, it is a neutral day for marriage. For example, #4 is an auspicious day, but marriage is not mentioned, so that would be a neutral day for a marriage.

However, your choice of date with #17 does mention marriage, and says the day is very favorable for marriage.

Many blessings on your union!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phoenix

This method to find a suitable date for wedding doesnt take into account the birth date or the partners? its just a general calculations to know if the day is a good day right?

Phoenix said...

Yes, you are correct. Tong Shu date calculation checks only the favorability of the chosen date for the wedding.

It does not tell you if you and your partner are compatible. Only a Chinese Astrology reading can do that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pheonix,

Can you clarify these:

1. What is the significance of "symbolic animal" and "associated with ..." and "presides over ..." in the daily predictions.

2. What is the time significance here? Is it necessary to check the good time?


Phoenix said...

The "symbolic animal," "associated with" and "presides over" came from a book The Complete Astrological Handbook For the Twenty-First Century by Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown, Random House, 1999.

They don't go into any details on the meanings of these, and some people on the internet have listed the Symbolic Animal as a Spirit Animal. I tend to think of Spirit Animals in the Native American context, so don't know if this is the same or not.

I imagine that the auspiciousness of the time of day would be calculated using a different style of astrology, either Ba Zi (Eight Signs/Four Pillar) or Zi Wei Dou Shu.

Anonymous said...

so May 21, 2011...I get 3 as a remainder..."celebration of marriages will bring endless calamities" so this means this is a bad date for a wedding, am I doing this correctly?

I've seen in some other websites saying this is a good day

Phoenix said...


You calculated correctly. Whom you choose to believe is up to you.

Have you ever had two astrology readings with conflicting information? Astrology is a science with set rules, there should not be diverse opinions, but there are.

I imagine Tong Shu is a similar case, as are feng shui and all other interpretive sciences (and, by the way, ALL sciences are interpretive). One group of people observed a particular phenomenon (i.e. weddings on "The Root" day) and decided on one interpretation, and a different group observed the same phenomenon and choose a different interpretation.

The wonderful part is that you may choose which to believe, and the universe will script your future to match your beliefs no matter what any website tells you. :-)

Many blessings on your union!

Anonymous said...

hi! the date i chose is jan. 11, 2011..and the total is 13. can't divide it by 2. How do i go about this? would appreciate your help.

thanks a lot.


Phoenix said...

Good question.

When the sum of the numbers is 28 or less, just use the number you have.

Your number is 13, so your day is day 13, The House, Tuesday, Auspicious.

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

hi good day phoenix..please i really need your opinion about this comment..i'm gettingmarried this december 27,2010..and i've comee acroos this website http://www.fengshuibestbuy.com/2010almanac.html...on the month of dec., the san niang affliction appears on the 27th so it's nad to hold big events like my wedding..but on this site of your tong shu-auspicious date selection in chinese astrology-the 28 lunar mansion i've calculated and the remainder is 26 so it's The Fishing Net Monday Auspicious
...please help which is reliable..is it good if i continue the date of my wedding this dec.27th this year?..please rply...

Phoenix said...

Hello Jing,

SInce the author of the article I posted here did not address San Niang Days, I found this online at the Dhealing Forum. The responder here is quoting from the same Feng Shui Best Buy site you linked to. This should answer your question.


Re: FS Almanac - Meaning of San Niang?

Post by Katarina » Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:35 pm

Dear Kim, somehow, I have also omitted your post. Here is a quote from Feng Shui Best Buy site about San Niang "Killing" days in a year:

"It is vital to know that there are a few days in every month which are prohibited for important celebrations even though the feng shui almanac indicates the days to be good or excellent. Important celebrations are such as wedding celebration, signing an important contract, starting a new business and starting a new career. These dates are known as the "San Niang" Killing days (San Niang Shar). No matter how good the almanac describe these days, please avoid them by all means.

The "San Niang" Killing days are 3rd, 7th, 13th, 18th, 22nd and 27th day of every LUNAR month. Please take note that the days refer to "lunar days" and does not refer to western calendar days.

* end quote *


Anonymous said...

hi phoenix it's me again jing...so that means it's really not good to held my wedding on the 27th of dec.?

thanks...please i need your opinion on this..

Phoenix said...

Hi Jing,

Sorry, but I really don't have an opinion. I can only go by what the authors of the other articles and websites suggest.

How do YOU feel about it> In the end, that is all that really counts anyway. You have the energetic ability and power to make your life come out as well and wonderful as you wish it, no matter what date you are born, or what date you marry, or what date you die.

Choose to have a wonderful life, and you will have one, no matter the other circumstances.

There, that is my opninion. :-)

cansy said...

hi phoenix

does this tong shu counts for giving birth/delivering a baby ? or is it mainly for marriages? If i intend to give birth on 10th Nov 2010 , I get no 7 which is an auspicious day, so is it correct as well for delivery ?

Phoenix said...

Hi Cansy,

I have never heard that the tong shu is used to choose a day to give birth or have a baby. That is probably because giving birth was not a thing that could be reliably scheduled in ancient times.

My personal opinion is that a baby is auspicious no matter when he or she is born! How could the miracle of the birth of a beautiful child not be auspicious. :-)

Much love, many hugs, and showers of blessings on your child!